NWA Monitoring

Funding Agency: Arkansas Natural Resources Center

Project timeline: October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2018

The AWRC has been collecting water samples at several sites in the Upper Illinois River Watershed and Upper White River Basin for many years. This project allows us to continue monitoring at these sites, and to create a long-term water-quality database.

The ongoing goal is to evaluate constituent loads and trends in water quality across these two priority watersheds. Many years, or even decades, worth of data is needed to best understand how watershed-scale activities and land use changes might be influencing water quality.

All of our past project reports and the water-quality data reports are available to everyone on our website. Visit the MSC Publications page to read past project reports and the Water-Data Reports page to download a Microsoft Excel file containing the complete water-quality data.

War Eagle Creek site
War Eagle Creek on a lovely summer day.